I am proud to have one of the leading Web3, digital asset, and DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) practices in North America. The combination of my deep experience in the Web3 space as an investor, organizer, and builder alongside Lindsey MacCarthy’s strong tax, estate planning, and business law practices uniquely positions us to provide comprehensive advice in this dynamic space. I am intellectually curious and committed to helping others understand the impact and importance of these foundational technologies and the ever-evolving legal and regulatory landscape in which we utilize and interact with them. I have developed and regularly teach a CLE qualified course “The Law of Bitcoin” to educate other lawyers on the opportunities and risks in the space, running a bi-monthly Twitter Spaces discussion of legal topics in the space, and contributing to several on-chain projects.

I regularly engage with digital asset holders, DAOs, and developer teams that are pushing the boundaries in their areas and require legal advice relating to tax, liability, incorporation, and operation among other matters. For individual digital asset holders, I can advise on personal and estate planning matters in addition to various strategies to mitigate or defer tax liabilities relating to crypto transactions. For DAOs or crypto focused entities, I can assist in creating tax efficient structures that provide liability protection to core contributors and multi-signature wallet holders without sacrificing many of the unique strengths offered by DAOs. Combined with the other Lindsey MacCarthy LLP specialists, we are preparing ourselves to be global experts in tax disputes regarding cryptocurrency, digital assets, and DAOs.

In my experience, for DAOs and developer teams building innovative projects, working collaboratively with an advisor who understands the Web3 ecosystem as well as the underlying code is invaluable to generating accurate and tailored business and personal solutions.

Outside of the office, I am a core contributor to LexDAO, a DAO focused on helping to build and develop legal expertise in the Web3 domain, including the theory of legal engineering. I am a Certified Bitcoin Professional by the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4), am LEETH  (Legal Engineering on Ethereum) Certified, and am an amateur Solidity developer.

I have been featured as an expert on cryptocurrency planning in Bloomberg.